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by Carl A. Hällström and Bo Scherman
Published here courtesy Carl A. Hällström
Introduction by Carl A. Hällström:
Jubilee was a unique series of radio entertainment designed for the guys and gals in the American Armed Forces during World War II. None of the broadcasts were heard over the regular networks in the USA.

Jubilee was produced in Hollywood by the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) and the programs were transcribed on 16" vinylite discs (speed: 33 1/3 rpm) and distributed to various radio stations all over the world.

Back in 1985 German book-seller Norbert Ruecker produced two hard-cover books offering a "complete" discography of the Jubilee transcriptions. They turned out to be a sort of a draft edition of a manuscript prepared by German collectors Rainer E. Lotz and Ulrich Neuert.

Bo Scherman and I (C.H.) are long-time "Jubilee-fans" and we immediately started working on a revised edition of the Lotz-Neuert discography, based on copies of the actual transcriptions and material found in contemporary trade magazines. Dr. Michael Ari in Vienna assisted us with copies of many prev. "missing" programs. I (C.H.) re-typed the complete manuscript, correcting spellings and other little things I came across.

I contacted Mr. Ruecker and offererd our version of the revised books, free of charge, but he had no interest in publishing a second edition. After I found out that Greenwood Press (USA) had folded their "Armed Forces Radio Services"-discographies series I turned over the manuscript to Rainer Lotz. Alas, he didn't have any interest to publish a revised edition of the book

Herewith, a revised version of the Jubilee discography, as handy Acrobat documents, is being presented.

Feel free to contact me with additions & corrections:

Carl A. Hällström, P. O. Box 23061, SE-750 23 Uppsala, Sweden,

The Jubilee series on CD:

Bo Scherman and I (C.H.) have produced a total of 10 CDs with 20 complete Jubilee programs on the "JUBILEE SHOWS" label. Check the following link:


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