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Welcome to RainerJazz, the Jazz Archive Site!


is a website dedicated to the history of jazz and to jazz research. It is open to everybody who has an interest in jazz and all its aspects, covering the period from prehistory and the early days of jazz until today.

RainerJazz is intended to be a tool of information, of exchange and of work for jazz historians, collectors, critics, writers, discographers, publishers and all other people who are interested in jazz but may not have the resources available. Last but not least RainerJazz is supposed to be a source of entertainment for those who are looking for visual or aural pleasure. They will find here some unusual items hitherto unpublished or currently not available. Please find here more About RainerJazz 

Book:  The story of the Anglo-German Swing Club, relations to BFN and Jazz in Hamburg 1945 to 1952 (mostly in German, some documents in English)  Deutscher Text und  Dokumentation!   € 39,80

Contact for the book:
Hans-Jürgen Foth
Driftstücken 9c
22589 Hamburg

Tel.: ##49 (0)40 870 31 91
email: H.J.Foth



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