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Jazz Periodicals

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Journal (Link)


78 Quarterly 

Articles on rarest 78 rpm records of blues and jazz. Many photos and illustrations.

The American Rag

US Ragtime journal

Blues World

Everything on blues: research, collectors, articles, dealers etc.

Doctor Jazz - Jazz Club and Magazine (NL)

Journal on the history of jazz and for collectors. In Dutch. Organizes conventions, concerts and record fairs.

Down Beat

Leading US journal on contemporary jazz. Founded 1935. Website offers many articles from the archive.

Hot Club News

Auf Deutsch and in English. Website dedicated to Gypsy-Swing in Germany and elsewhere. Magazin für die Freunde des Sinti- und Zigeunerjazz.

Jazz Hot (F)

French jazz journal, founded in 1935 by Charles Delaunay. Now mostly on contemporary jazz; good overview on French scene; calendar of events in France.

Jazz Hot (F)  Content

Content from no. 001 (1945) to 565 (1999).

Jazz Hot (B)

Belgian pages of the Jazz Hot journal. Focusing on jazz in Belgium.

Jazz Music (UK)

Early British jazz magazine of the 1940's. Editor Max Jones. Many articles on New Orleans - Chicago oriented musicians.

Jazz Periodicals / Journals / Magazines (Intern.):  Content  Listing the contents of vitually all jazz magazines of this world (I did not check this). A wealth of information !

Jazz Podium (G)

Leading German jazz periodical. Founded in 1952. In German. Führende deutsche Jazzzeitschrift. Gegründet 1952. Deutschsprachig.

The Jazz Record (USA)

Important jazz magazine of the 1940's. Editor Art Hodes. Many articles on New Orleans - Chicago oriented musicians.

Jazzzeitung (D)

Deutschsprachig. In Geman. Mit Aktualitäten, Konzertprogrammen und auch historischen Beiträgen.

Jug Band Rag

The specialist magazine on jug bands.

The Mississippi Rag

US Journal covering all kinds of traditional jazz from Ragtime to Dixieland, Chicago Jazz and contemporary traditional jazz styles. Articles on jazz and ragtime history, artists, festivals, record and book reviews, discussion forum. Unfortunately now defunct.

Posters on Jazz

Here's a selection of the best jazz and blues posters. Various photographers.

The Record Collector UK)

Homepage of Larry Lustig's "Record Collector", the journal for the collector of recordings of the great singers of the past. Presents "Guide to Playing 78 rpm Records" for the beginner (and the seasoned collector as well). See under "Articles"

Record Research (USA)

Online index to Len Kunstadt's Record Research magazine 1955 - 1995 by Malcolm Rockwell

The Second Line (USA)

Official organ (since 1949) of the New Orleans Jazz Club (q.v.), the oldest jazz club of the world.

Solo Blues (ES)

Spanish blues magazine. In Spanish. Professionally made.

Storyville (E) Covers and contents

Leading UK journal on the history of jazz focusing on research of history and on discography and records. Few reports on live events, but record and book reviews, historical and discographical discussion forum. From 1965 to 1996, now defunct. Some (not all!) back issues and bound volumes available (click here). Editor: Laurie Wright

VJM   Vintage Jazz Mart

Auction lists of Jazz and Blues 78 rpm, LPs, CDs, Journals, Memorabilia etc.;  Articles of jazz history, discography, artists. (England). Documentation of recording ledgers of important recording sessions.


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