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Storyville Magazine Vol. 1, No. 2
December 1965


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Reflections on Fats

Bob Kumm

Fats Waller

The music of Thomas 'Fats' Waller

John R.T. Davies, Bob Kumm and Storyville Team

Fats Waller Discography

Herwin (A glimpse into the past)

Michael Wyler

Story of the Herwin record label.

What is there to say ?

Jack Harvey

American Folk Blues Festival 1965: Mississippi Fred Mc Dowel, Roosevelt Sykes,Budy Guy. New Orleans All Stars coming.

Where Have All The Lofton's Gone ?

Frank Owen with John Langmead

Discussion of some recordings previously attributed to Cripple Clarence Lofton.

The other take

John R.T. Davies, Laurie Wright

Discussion of some Henderson takes: Prince of Wails, Mandy a.o.

Blues: The name's not the same (2)

Frank Owen

Blues singers' pseudonyms..

Shopping List


Roger Bell's Pagan Pipers )77); BB. Broonzy a.o. (Storyville SLP 172); F. Henderson (Pirate MPC 501); fats Waller Memorial Album (Encore 181); Bessie Smith (Pirate MPC 503); New Orleans Jazz (Br LAT 8146)

Is There A Revivalist In The House ?

Doug Murray

Bunk Johnson and N.O. Revival

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Actuelle label selected listing

Arthur Gainsbury, Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson

ACO label listting

Record Reviews


Country Blues/Barbecue Bob (SBS ep1); Zenith Six (GHB 12); Blind Lemon Jefferson (SBS EP2); Willie Lewis  (Pirate MPC 511); St. Louis Dates (Pirates MPC 508); Clarence Williams (Jazz Society L 16); Coll. Items 1 (Pirates MPC 502); Half Pint Jaxon (Pirate MPV 520); Crescent City Rhythm (Riverside RLP 8812); Fletcher Henderson 1923-7 (Riv RLP 8813); Jimmie Noone (Jazz Society LP 15); Duke Ellington (RCA RD 7731); 



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