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Storyville Magazine Vol. 1, No. 4
April 1966


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Andy Secrest and the Bix Years

Art Napoleon

Discussing recordings, solos and playing style of Andy Secrest

The Paramount 12000/13000 Series

Max E. Vreede

Pre-publication of his book

The Music of Thomas 'Fats' Waller

John R.T. Davies & Storyville Team

F. Waller discography 1929-1934

More About Black Patti

Michael Wyler

Corrections and addition to Issue 1. Nearly complete listing.

Black Swan (A glimpse into the past)

Michael Wyler

Story of the Black Swan record label.

The Handy Record Company

Walter C. Allen

Includes matrix listing of company.

What is there to say ?

Jack Harvey

Live in Britain: The New Orleans All Stars in London. Darnell Howard, Pops Foster, Cie Frazier, Alton Purnell, Jimmy Archey.

Shopping list


Record reviews: B. McGhee, Allen-Hawkins Orch.; Male Blues Blind Blake+ Rambling Thomas; Burt Bales; King Oliver on Pirate.

Columbia Race Series

Harold Livesey

Comment on Frank Owens article (Stov. 1)

Sound Of Dobell's

Frank Owen

Feature on Doug Dobell, his record shop and the 77 label.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Ariel.

Arthur Gainsbury, Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson

Ariel label selected  listing

Record Reviews


Bessie and Clara Smith (Pirate MPC 530); Otis Spann (Storyville SLP 157); Wild Bill Davison & Alex Welsh (Jazzology 18); Coll. Items Vol 2 (Pirate MPC 521); Fats Waller (Ristic 22-23); John Henry Barbee (Storyville SLP 171); Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Jazz Society LP 20); Swing Era (Jazz Panorama LP 2); Sunnyland Slim (Storyville SLP 169); Art Hodes & Truck Parham (Emarcy MGE 26005); James P. Jonson (XTRA 1024); King Oliver Vol. 3 (Irene Scruggs, Lizzie Miles, Pirate MPC 523); ODJB (Polydras 106); Red Allen: Feeling Good (CBS BPG 62400);D. Ellington, Carnegie Hall 43 (Jazz Panorama LP 1); Bessie Smith Story (r records) CBS 62377-80) 



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