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Storyville Magazine No. 19
October 1968


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Pops Foster, Jay Whidden discography.

I'm Gonna Beat Me Some Washboard

Theo Zwicky

The Washboard Rhythm Kings and affiliated groups 1930 - 35.

Louis Armstrong ...

Bob Kumm

Reflections on King Oliver and the Cotton Club.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Duophone, Durium

revised by Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

Selected listing of Duophone 'B', 'M' ,'D.4000' and 'F' Series. A few Durium issues. Corrections to Brunswick (issues 7 - 10).

Abbreviations - A New Look (2)

Laurie Wright

Abbreviations of country names and of other discographical information.

Talking To Bill Rank

Laurie Wright

Interview; biographical information; Goldkette- and Whiteman days, Bix.

Clarence Williams Discography

Tom Lord & Storyville Team

Recordings 6/26 - 9/26

Walter Bruyninckx Writes ...

W. B.

Reply on his discography.

Jab Jones (Appreciation an Discography of an Unknown)

Rolf von Arx

Jab Jones' career and recordings. Discography (incl. Will Shade, John Estes and Memphis Jug Band).

Can't We TalkIt Over ?


Letters: Disc. Personnel on Can I Tell You; Jabbo Smith; Morton's clarinet player on 1930 recordings.

The Old Masters (TOM)


TOM 1 - TOM 5 (Emmett Miller; Big Bands; University Six; Casa Loma a.o. white; Rare Jazz 20s (Hardy,Miley a.o.)

Biograph Records


BIO 12003 (Blind Blake); 12004 (Blues - Ramblin' Thomas); 12005 (Chicago Bands: Cl. Jones, Bernie Young, S. Stewart); 12006 (Clarence Williams QRS, Barrelhouse 5).

Historical Records


HLP 25 (Hot Clarinets - Goodman, Partenti, Bailey); HLP 26 (Territory Bands - Lee, Alex Jackson, Page Blue Dev.,S. Clay, D. Nelson); HLP 27 (Trumpet Blues 25-29 - Don Albert, Cic. Thomas,, Punch Miller a.o.)

Record reviews


Screening The Blues (P. Oliver, book); Swift 1 (Barry Martyn); VJM LC 10 (Jazz in 60s); Origin OJL 15 (Piano 27-39); Roots EPL 001 (Jimmy & Mama Yancey); Swag S 1227 (Fats Waller); IAJRC 3 (San Antonio Jazz); Swag JCS 110 (Oliver's DS);



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