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Storyville Magazine No. 42
August 1972


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Crane River Jazz Band 1972; Audubon/Bateau Chinois; Jug Band Book

The Southern Syncopated Orchestra

Edward S. Walker

Story from 1919 on, icl. the sinking of the S.S. Rowan. Photos.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Plaza, Portland, Regal

Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

Selected listing.

Musical Aspects of Stride Piano

Henry Francis

Analysis,  essay. (Additional insert with musical examples is in issue 43).

They Played At Raffles

Henry A. Stonor

Musical history of the Raffles Hotel, Singapore 1920-40s.

A Glimpse Of The Past: The Green Label German Brunswick A100 to A499 Series

Harm Sagawe

History and selected listing of this important early jazz series in Germany.



Listing of Herwin, Biograph, Flyright, Blues Unlimited

New Books (Reviews)

Sally-Ann Worsfold

Jazz in Movies (Meeker)

Record reviews


ROOTS RSE 2 (Memphis Style Blues); VJM LC 13S ((Black Bottom Stompers 1971); Par PMC 7147 (Humph); Halc 7 (Roy Fox); Tax m-8005 (Cootie Williams); TOM 32/3 (Coon-Sanders 1/2); GAPS 60 (Ted Lewis); Supra 15 1100 (Steamboat Stompers Czech); RCAF 731.041, 731.092 (Goodman 35-39); Ken KS2036 (Maggie's Blue Five); Rare RTR 24001 (Oliver); Blue Goose 3001 (David Jasen)

There'll Be Some Changes Made

Editor, readers' contributions

Corrections to Rust, 3rd edition.

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