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Storyville Magazine No. 43
October 1972


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Dave Wilborn/New McKinney's CP; Lovie Austin; George Mitchell; Bill Johnson; Misc.

Bunk Is History (Bunk Johnson's First Recorded Words)

Paul E. Larsen

Story of Bunk Johnson's rediscovery  (Photo). Mary Karole's records.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Regal (cont.)

Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

Selected listing.

Dodds In Duo (2)

Laurie Wright, John R.T. Davies

Discography and discussion of all 2-takes recordings by Johnny Dodds.

I Believe I'll Make A Change

John Goodrich

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records

Miss Rhapsody

Gilbert Gaster

Introduction to this artist, her life and career (Photos).

Musical Aspects of Stride Piano: additional musical examples (insert) to issue 42.

Henry Francis


A Glimpse Of The Past: Homochord

Brian Rust

History of this label.

Some Ambigous Cornet Players

Chris Hillman

Essay on the style of several cornet/trumpet players in classical jazz.



Listing of Herwin, Biograph, Flyright, Blues Unlimited

New Books (Reviews)

Laurie Wright
Doug Murray

The Dance Bands (B. Rust)
A Bruce Turner Discography

Record reviews


RCAF 741.045 (Lunceford, MBRB); EBM 1 (Eubie Blake 1971); RCAF 741.039 Ellington 4); Chiar CR 107 (Hines/Max. Sullivan); Storyv. SLP 806 (Lil Armstrong,Lion, Cliff jackson); SPACE SP 1 & 2 (Mark janse, Vic. Varekamp; Peter Klencke); Sunb 108/109/110 (Ben Selvin & Goodman); Raret RTR 24006/7 (Allen N.Y. Orch.); GAPS 070 (Allen-Hawk. Orch.); Nonesuch H 71248 (J. Rifkin); ColF CCTX 240.853 (Eddie South); RCAF 741.043 (Boots & Buddies); Paltram PL 102 (Texas Blues 27-52); Jazum 9 (T. Weatherford); RCAF 731.111/741.042 (Basie 47/50); CJM 3 (Jelly LOC)

There'll Be Some Changes Made

Editor, readers' contributions

Corrections to Rust, 3rd edition.

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