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Storyville Magazine No. 49
October 1973


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King Oliver's grave; Misc.

Johnny Dodds Discographically

Rolf von Arx

Discussing rare and new issues and takes by Johnny Dodds. (Voc 1196).

Leon Abbey And His Recordings

Björn Englund

Reporting Leon Abbey's recordings.

Californians In Australia

Jack Mitchell

Frank Ellis Californians 1923 at Palais Royal, Sidney (Hickman's band - H.); Ray Tellier's San Francisco Orch. 1925; Harvey Ball A.H. Virginians 1928; Sonny Clay's Plantation Orch.; Bill Johnson's Original Creole Orch. 1914 unverified. (Photos).

Sam Wooding's Parlophons

Björn Englund

Spanish Parlophon catalogue. Discussing Barcelona recording date.

Magee String Band

Graham Russell

Ref.: Stov. 37. Slow Drag Pavageau (Interview)

There'll Be Some Changes Made

Editor, readers' contributions, John R.T. Davies

Corrections to Rust, 3rd edition.

Take A Note From Pythagoras

Richard Brown

The "blue note"; Phytahorean "diatonic" scale; Tuning

Old Man With A Horn

Björn Englund

Trumpet or cornet used on recordings ? Using photos for more accurate discography.(Photo: Handy's 1939 session).

Bunk Johnson In England ?

Edward S. Walker

Discussing possibility of Bunk Johnson travelling with circus or minstrels to England in early 1900s.

Louis Armstrong In Scandinavia 1933

Björn Englund

Filling the gaps of L.Armstrong's European tour which are left in other publications (Photos, newspaper clippings)

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Rex concluded.  Scala-Ideal, Siemens, Silvertone, Simcha, Solex, Sterno.

Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

Selected listing. Introduction to labels.



FJ 108 (Spanier); FB 301 (Cox Vol. 1); + listing of available issues.



Listing of available issues.

Book Reviews

Laurie Wright

Book of Django (Abrams); Jazz sur Films (Hippenmeyer); Recorded Ragtime (Jasen).

Record reviews


Collector's 12-3/12-4 (J. Kirby); Historia 649 (Fud Candrix); VJM LC 16 (Lane); RCAF (Duke Vol. 6); Swag 1320 (Hines); Jezebel 101 (Autrey, R. Powell 1971); Eubie Blake Music 2/3/4 (Blake); Herwin 206 (McCollom et. al.); VJM LC 17-S (Black Bott. St.);Angel 36060 (Joplin's Red Back Book played by G. Schuller & New England Conservatory Ens.); Black Jack 3003 (Div. All Stars); Par PMC 7156 (Kirk); 

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942;

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