Storyville No. 57

Feb 1975



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Editorial Editor Mike Leadbitter; Hugues Panassiť; Walter C. Allen; Arnett Nelson; Zutty Singleton. 
Albert Nicholas Roger Richard talks to ... Interview with Albert Nicholas, mostly about his early career in New Orleans and Chicago. (Photo).
Harmograh Bert Whyatt Harmograph label numerical listing with notes.
A Photographer's View Of Jazz Peter Cornforth A.R.P.S. About jazz photograps and the history of photography (technical development) in general. (Photos).
Can't We Talk It Over ? Letters by readers Joe Mannone's Harmony Kings; Chocolate Dandies 1930; Art Hickman in San Francisco; Bert Ralton in Australia; early Bluebird label; Rudy Powell; Cedric West; Jimmy Wade discography; Film "A Day At The Races"
Arcadia Advertisement 2001 West Coast Jazz (Spikes/Ory, Clay, Mosby) ; 2002 West Coast Vol. 2 (from Sunset, Hollywood); 2003 Sleepers (Carmichael,Seidel, H.Thomas); 2004 Sleepers 2 (Lange, Frazer, Atl. Footwarmers) 
Fountain/Retrieval Advertisement DFJ 110 Nichols 1925-28
IAJRC Advertisement 9 (Memphis groups); 10 (Krupa); 11 (Ellington); 12 (Snowden); 13 (Trumbauer); 14 (Radio Transc.); 15 (Tenors: Hawk, Webster, Gordon); 16 (Fess Williams);
New Orleans Records Advertisement NOR 7201 (Kid Thomas); 7202 (R. Burke); 7203 (Lee Collins); 
400W150 Advertisement 400W150 VLP 400 (Clyde Bernhardt/Jay Cole) Rec. 1973
VJM Advertisement LC 22S (Steve Lane); LC 21S (Or. East Side Stompers); VLP 38 (Edinborough)
Record Reviews Various 77 SEU 12/51 (Wellstood); Alpha 03302 (R:W: Kahn); Yazoo 1044 (F.van Eps/Ossman); 77 SEU 12/53 (Phil Seaman etc.); Blue Goose 3002 (Jasen); Herw 208 (Cannon's Jug); 77 LEU 12/19 (L.Nelson); GHB 63 (Collie); Verve Double Select 2683 051 (Condon/Kaminsky); Totem LP 1001 (Tram - Tea); HKLP 5 (W.B. davison & Fessors);  
I Believe I'll Make A Change Bob Dixon Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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