Storyville No. 59

Jun 1975



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Editorial Editor Visiting register; Gunn report; Bud Freeman; Dick Wellstood; Nappy LAmare; Miss Rhapsody; Princess White; Eva Taylor; Zutty Singleton; Rudy Powell.
A Visit to Smith Ballew with Reagan Houston and Roger Ringo Interview with Smith Ballew.
Can't We Talk It Over ? Letters by readers F. Trumbauer's Manhattan Rag; Wingy Mannone; Duke's last gig; Buddy Christian Pathé; Bauschke; Jazz in Germany.
Harmograh (cont.) Bert Whyatt Harmograph label numerical listing continued with notes.
Ramblin' Around Derrick Stewart-Baxter On the recent activities of vintage jazzmusicians: Clyde Bernhardt, Doc Cheatham, George James (Photo).
Louis ... by his friends Various musicians About Louis Armstrong at his 75th anniversary.
There'll Be Some Changes Made John R.T. Davies (editor) Corrections to Rust, 3rd edition.
Dawn Club Advertisement DC 12013 (Kid Ory); 12014 (Ory); 12015 (Murphy); 12016 (Ory); 12017 (Ory) 12018 (Murphy); 12019 (Murphy); 12010/11 (Watters);all early 1950s. 12012 (Bunk 1945).
Extreme Rarities Advertisement LP 1008 Hot Jazz On Film (Ellington 64, Mannone 40, Calloway 37, Pollack 34, Goodman 37, Davison 62, Eldridge 41, Hawkins 45 a.o.)
VJM Advertisement VLP 14 (Georgians Vol. 3); VLP 15 /16/17(Cl. Smith); 
Record Reviews Various VJM VLP 39 (Sunshine Special, Louisville Jug Bd.); IAJRC 17 (Swinging War Years - Goodman, James, Ellington a.o.); Sonet SNTF 632, SNTF 674 (N.O.Ragtime Orch.);MCA MCFM 2598 (Tea); Arcadia 2003/2004 (Bag Sleepers); Retr FG 402 (Georgia Mel.); Black Lion 28 481-0 Z/1-2; + 2 LPs (Chris Barber Jubilee); Sonet SNTF 662 (Kid Thomas); Jazzology JCE 73 (Wellstood); Jazz Odyssee 013 (Olive Brown); M Rec. MLP 10215 (Louisiana Dandies); MCA Coral CDLM 8024 (16 Big Bands); LOC/Flyright Matchb. SDM 257 & 258 (Gab. Brown, Rochelle French, Booker T. Sapps, Roger Mathews); VJM VLP 38 (N.O. Wildcats/Curtis Mosby)
I Believe I'll Make A Change Bob Dixon Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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