Storyville No. 64

Apr 1976



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Editorial Editor Polo Barnes; Richard Allen; Tests: Walkin' The Dog, Sittin' And Whittlin' (Carmichael); Don't Leave Me Daddy, Singin' The Blues (Bee Palmer); W.B. davison - Project; Live jazz in London; S. Wooding addendum (Englund)
The Problem of Avaoiding Duolications by Collector Labels Dick M. Bakker Some considerations and strategies for collectors to avoid duplications on LP.
Million Dollar Singer- Helen Humes talks to Eric Townley Helen Humes interviewed on 21 July, 1975 (Nice Festival ?)
Paramount 12/13000 Series Max E. Vreede Pre-publication of Paramount book.
Mr. Jazz Himself - Ray Lopez Rick Holbrook, based on letters by Ray Lopez The early days of jazz in Chicago, from c. 1915 on, as seen by Ray Lopez.(17 pages, photos).
Neovox Cassettes Advertisement 301 Marg. Carter/Buddy Christian; 302 Chig. Loopers/Midw. Gardens o.; 303 T. Parham Groups; 304 Bucktown 5
Special Tapes (Bob Kumm) Advertisement Duke Ellington program (spoken and 16 music); Jack teagarden (spoken, + live performances never on record).
Record Reviews Various RCA JRS-7265 (New Orl. Rascals - japanese); VJM VLP 43 (Pollack 33/34); Jazz Studies JS 3 (Early Nichols); Wave LP 27 (New Paul Whiteman Orch.); Saga 6930 (B. Holiday Vol.3); SRT CUS 018 (Ron Russell); Black jack LP 3006 (Briggs in Berlin);Fantasy FT 525 (Continuum - Ellington band after his death); Black Jack LP 3007 (Armstrong Friedrichstadtpalast); EMI EMD 5523 (Grappelli/Menuhin); VJM SLC 26 (St. Lane);   
I Believe I'll Make A Change Bob Dixon Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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