Storyville No. 74


Dec 1977


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Thomas family; Fabulous Fives; Arnett nelson project; Eddie Lang disco; Wynonie Harris; International Trombone Association; death of Eva Taylor; New orleans Jazz Museum.

Sam Wooding Recapitulated

Horst P. Bergmeier

Short description and itinerery of 1925 to 1927 tours. 

Sam Wooding In England And France

Josephine Beaton and Howard Rye

A note on Sam Wooding's movements. 

Alex Hyde's Hot Dance recordings For Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft

Rainer E. Lotz

The history and documentation of Alex Hyde's recordings in Germany 1925 (photos). 

Floyd Campbell's Story

as told to Bertrand Demeusy

Life story of Floyd Campbell told by letters and written procedure (band photo). 

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Chris Hillman

Serialisation of recordings July 1926 - November 1926.

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Leon Abbey; Roy Butler.

Fountain - Retrieval


Retr FG 404 Isham Jones; FG 405 Georgia Meladians; DFJ 115 Midway Dance Orch. etc.; FJ 116 Fess Williams.



VJM VLP 45 (Gulf Coast 7, Or. jazz Hounds); HAL 12 (Al Bowlly, Nat Gonella, Lew Stone).

Record Reviews


MCA 510.176 (Armstrong 46-55); Redondel SL 10515 (Santa Maria Jazz Band); Magpie PY 4402 (Piano Blues); Sackv 3011 (McShann, B. Tate); Dawn Club DC 12025 (Colyer in NO 52/3); World Rec SHB 41 (2 LP: ragtime Years 1899-1916); Whoopee 104 (Country Blues 29-36); VJM VLP 49 (Oliver Creole); CJM 20 (Oliver Dixie Syn.); Herw H 212 (Rev. D.C. Rice Jazz Acc.); NoLa LP 3 (Bunk); MCA 510.106 (Dodds Vol. 2 29-38) 


Discographical Forum

#339, #341 - #344


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