Storyville No. 77


Jun 1978


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Hal Kemp: Col 671-D Peg Lep Stomp, Blue Rhythm (Dick Mackie c); Whistlin' Alex Morre (address).

Django Reinhardt - The Jazz Gypsy

Max Abrams

Django reinhardt's visit in the US in 1946, a.o. aspects of his life and career.

Wilbur "Wib" Kurz - His Early Career in Europe

Rainer E. Lotz

Wilbur Kurz during the 'Golden Twenties' in Germany (photos).

Re Re-Minting The Pennies

John R.T. Davies

Discussing Red Nichols Pennies and Captivators recordings. Mar 1927 to Aug 1927.

Charlie Johnson

Laurie Wright

Discussing identifications of the band photograph (Stov. 75).

Fountain - Retrieval


Foun FJ 116: Fess Williams



VLP 71 Ess. Ellington; VLP 29 Little Ramblers; SLC 31 St. Lane

Record Reviews


HörZu Excl. 1C 134-32 447/448; 450/451; 453/454 (Jazz in Deutschland 1912-1948); Magpie PY 4403 & 4404 (Piano Blues Vol. 3 & 4); Rar No. 46 (L. Jordan); Stash ST 110 (30s Blues); CJM 21 (Oliver DS Vol. 3); Pumpkin 101 (Clayton, Eldridge); Blues Clas. BC 19 (Religious); Swing Clas. ET 3 (Henderson 31 Crown); Swing Class. ET 2 (Hopkins broadc.);     

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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