Storyville No. 79


Oct 1978


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Administrative matters

The Late Teddy Bunn

in Conversation with Peter Tanner

Chats about his early days, his recordings and his plans for the future

Numbers Runners Blues

Frank Dutton

Brunswick/Vocalion matrix series.

Re Re-Minting the Pennies 

John R.T. Davies

Discographical discussion of all oririginal issues by Red Nichols Five Pennies' groups. (and related).

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Cootie Williams/Hendersonia photo fig. 23; John Erby/J. Guy Suddoth; Clyde Bernhard writes (King Oliver Band photo); Bechet in England/Red Devils (Stov. 76); B. Salnave; Dodds Pm mx 20286-3 (Oriental Man); Keppard mx 2652-2 Messin' Around; Alexander Robinson; Dodds test 48800-1 (Too Tight)

Story's Story (Nat Story)

Frank Driggs

Nat Story's life and career with photos.



LP F: Pat Dollohan, Harris Bothers; High Steppers; Henny Hendrickson's

EMI - Odeon


Hotter Than Hades: The Midnite Follies Orch. (Keith Nichols, Alan Elsdon, Digby Fairweather a.o.)



VLP 71 Duke Ellington Vol. 1, VLP 29 Little Ramblers Vol. 2/Cal. Ramblers; SLC 31 Steve Lane; Original Jazz Hounds; HAL 12 (The Echo of A Song; Bowlly, Gonella, Stone)

Record Reviews


Herw 112 (Morton Inc., A. Brown/L.Russell, Wynn, Levee Seren., L. Hardaway, Wade); Herw 113 (Skiffle & Jug; Old Southern JB, Clifford; Kentucky Jazz Bab., King Mutt, KC Frank, Windy City RK); Rar 48 (Bob Howard); RCA CBL2-2965 (Waller); Harrison LP-D (Record Session Specials: Whoopee M., Kemp, Van & Half Moon O., New Yorkers, Ben Bernie, Henny Hendrickson, Bert Lown); Arhoolie F 1024; F 1078 (Cl. Chenier); Foun FJ 116 (Fess Williams); Hot'n Sweet HOL 6427 (Goodman 1934); Magpie PY 4405 (Piano Blues: Montgomery, Sykes, Turner Parrish, Rufus & Ben Quillian, james McCrary, Bat Robinson, Speckled Red, Sammy Brown, Mozelle Alderson, CC Davenport, Lonnie Clark, Skip James, Charlie Spand, Herve Duerson, James Stump Johnson, Bill Tomlin); Grannyph 03309 (Abe Lyman Vol. 2 26-30); EMI Note NTS 146 (Gonella); Spotlite SPJ 506 (Mick Pyne); Flyright LP 204 (Sutton); Hefty Jazz HJ 101 (Keith Smith/Sammy Rimington); Shoestr SS 105 (Tatum); Arhoolie 1077 (M. Lipscomb) VJM VLP 29 (Little Ramblers 25-27); MCA 510.194 (Sy Oliver); Gardenia 4004 (W. Lion Smith); MCA 510.016 (Armstrong 1935); Rar 44 (Condon/Dorsey Brothers 44); Rar 49 (Bob Howard); VJM SLC 30 (Bill Brunskill); GWS 4012 (Georgia Wbd. Stompers); Sonora 6394.040 (Erik Frank accordeon);     


Discographical Forum

# 322, 353 to 358


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