Storyville No. 101


Jun 1982


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Dave Wilborn died.

Bob Cat - Hilton "Nappy" Lamare

Eric Townley

1981 Interview with Nappy Lamare on  

New Books

reviewed by John Chilton, Laurie Wright

Jazz on the Barbary Coast by Tom Stoddard (JC); My Fifty Fretting Years (guitars and guitarists) by Ivor Mairants (LW).

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Sammy Price's DAllas recordings 1929; Lewis Bronzeville Five/Royale Brent Quintet; Reselle Paxton (Claxton); Red Devils; Ram Ramirez; Benny Nawahi; Ellington Film "Hit Parade"; Ellington issues;  

Bobby Booker's Life Story

David Griffith and Frank Driggs

Bobby Lee Booker's life and career; photos.

Clarence Robinson's Troupe in Argentina

Guillermo I. Olliver

Research on the "Big Apple" show from the Cotton Club touring Agentina in 1938. Many noted performers, musicians and dancers.

Tommy and Lee Howell 1924 - 1934

Lawrence Brown

Compiled from interviews. Photos.



VJM VLP 71, VLP 72 Ellington chronological

Record Reviews


Barron VLP 404 (Harlem Blues & JB); Opus 3 8003 (Tomas Ornberg, Kenny Davern); Flutegrove FL 5 (Manone Vol. 3); Folkways RBF 39 (Ragtime Orch.); RCA PM 43.258 (Mc Kinney's Vol. 3&4); Stomp Off SOS 1013 (Leon Oakley); Folkways RBF 41 (Ragtime Piano); Cat Jazz Rec. CAT LP 40 (Minerva JB, Vict. Varekamp); TJ 1/2 (2 LP) (Jimmy Mazzy); Kenneth KS 2037 (Kustbandet); RCA PM 43.266 (Earl Hines Vol. 3&4); Flutegrove FL 6 (Red Allen); Herman HJLP 1001 (Sammy Rimington); RCA PM 43.689 (Berigan 37-39) 


Discographical Forum

# 398, 452, 455, 465  to 472


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