Storyville No. 120


Aug 1985


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Pathé/Perfect in Record Research (Kendziora); Bob Laine; Swedish magazine Skivsamlaren; Jazz map of New Orleans; Django Reinhardt Society (US); Don Brown died (Jazz Man Record Shop);

New Books

reviewed by Laurie Wright, Brian Rust and John Chilton

The Piano Player's Jazz Handbook; German Ragtime and Pre-History of Jazz by Rainer E. Lotz (BR); Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians by Nicolas Slonimsky (LW); Erroll garner by James M. Doran (JC); Living Texas Blues by Alan Govenar (LW).

Don Ewell - A Discography

by John Collison

Don Ewell discography July 1958 to 1961. First part in Stov. 118.  

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).

Jimmie's Joys

Lawrence Brown

Story told by three former members of the Jimmy Joy Orchestra: Lynn 'Son' Harrell, Rex Preis and 'Gib' O'Shaughnessy )photos).  

A 'Perfect' Muddle

Karl Kendziora Jr.

Referring to ( and repeating) an article on Perfect, Pathé and Emerson matrix series in Record Research 51/52 (May-June 1963).  

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Del(bert) Bright; 'Sidney Bechet' book by Raymond Horricks; on Ansermet's article 'Sur Un Orchestre Nègre' in La Revue Romande 15.10.1919 (Swiss); Harmograph (issue 62); Rainbow label; Date of L.Armstrong's Paris session Nov. 1934; 

Harrison Records


LP W: Leon René Orch., Williams' Purple Knights; Original St. Louis Crackerjacks; Boots And His Buddies.

Neovox Cassettes


Many artists. Standard reissues.

Record Reviews


RCA NL 89481 (2 LP, Chu Berry 36-39); VJM VLP 73 (Ellington); Jonzo Rec JZ 3 (Bing Crosby 1928); RCA NL 70577 (Hines 1966); Harl HQ 2014 (Jazz & Hot Dance Austria); Triangle Jazz Ltd T 106 (Grand Dominion JB); Doctor Jazz ASLD 852 (2 LP, T. Brewer); RCA NL 89503 (John Handy & Claude Hopkins Band 1966); Lake LA 5002 (big band jazz, arr. Peter Bright, Peter Munnery, Zoltan Sagi).


Discographical Forum

# 507; 514 - 521..


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