Storyville No. 125


Jun 1986


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Sam Utterback; 

Trumpet (At)Tributes - More Johnny Simmen Snippets

Bruce Bastin, Johnny Simmen

Short essays on Rex Stewart/Bobby Stark, Washboard Rhythm Boys; Eddie And Sugar Lou's Hotel Tyler Orchestra; Trumpet Soloists on Bennie Moten's Records 

New Books

reviewed by Laurie Wright, Howard Rye

Annual Review of Jazz Studies 3, edited by Dan Morgenstern, Charles Nanry and David A. Cayer (LW); Michael Danzi-American Musician in Germany by Rainer Lotz (LW); Leslie Thompson by Jeffrey P. Green (HR); Dominion Records by Arthur Badrock (LW); Delaunay's Dilemma by Charles Delaunay (LW); A Life in Jazz - Danny Barker (LW). 

Leon Abbey in Denmark 1939

Morten Clausen

Conclusion of story of Leon Abbey'Adventures in the Nordic countries (1. part in Stov. 121). See Ralph Gulliver's article in Stov. 73. Itinirary, pictures.  

From Panama's Cabaret To Small's Paradise - Samuel Utterback's Jazz Odyssee (correct spelling!)

Kip Lornell

Sam Utterback's life and career, including George Lee (photo).  

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Lionel Belasco; Seth S. Weeks; Harry Wellmon; G.H. Carlisle; H. Hesse's Steppenwolf; Joe Davis; Beverley White; Harlequin label; Billie Hayes (fem.); Columbia album C46 Hot Trombones; Col 36009; Tennessee Twilight; Madam Dynamite; William Lyle (Stov. 124); Junie Cobb band photo; Ethel Waters Decca sides 1934; Sophie Tucker; Some of These Days; Mississippi Mud; Bix

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).

Record Reviews


Harl HQ 2033 (Do Wacka Doo from Germany); VJM VLP 55 (Condon); Stomp Off SOS 1077 (Ewell 1957); Harl HQ 2030 (Warner's 7 Aces); Swingtime ST 1003 (Cootie Williams 45-50); Retr FJ 123 (Mills Hotsy Totsy); VJM VLP 57 (L. Russell); MAP R 8605 (Absalom Orch.); Swag 826 (NORK 1934); Stomp Off SOS 1096 (Neville Dickie); Kenneth KS 2057 Crazy Rhythm- Django Style); RCA NL 89583 (2 LP Hampton); Swag S 1407 (Dave Dallwitz); Stomp Off SOS 1083 & 1095 (Orpheon Celesta); Sunbeam SB 238; SB 239 (T. Dorsey); Swag 829; 830 (NORK 1922-23)  


Discographical Forum

# 514; 522 - 532.


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