Storyville No. 129

Mar 1987



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Article Author Keywords
Editorial Editor Robert Parker's Jazz Classics in Stereo;  Misc.
Father's Got His Glasses On (Harry "Father" White) Johnny Simmen KHarry Father White tb, arr; his strory.
Can't We Talk It Over ?  Letters to Editor Arnett Nelson; Don Ewell discography.
New Books (Reviews) Laurie Wright All This And Many A Dog (by Jim Godbolt);
Jazz In Hawaii: 1935-1941 Harold S. Kaye A fascinating report on the Hawaii jazz scene during the pre-war years. (Many photos).
I Believe I'll Make A Change Bob Dixon Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).
Harrison Records Advertisement LP-270: Red Hot Dance Tunes (Back Bay Ramblers)
Retrieval Advertisement FJ 126 (Reeves); FG 410 (Phil Lewis); FJ 125 (George E. Lee, Walter Barnes);
Record Reviews Various Doormouse DM 5 (H. Lyttelton); Stomp Off 1100 (Chris Norris/Golden Eagle); RCAF NL 89606 (Nichols/Napoleon 23-31); JazzLib 001 (Granny Lee); Doormouse DM 7 (Alex Welsh); Stomp Off 1113 (NO Rascals, Japan); Herman Rec. 1008 (Norwegian Jazz); Granny 03316 (Waring's Penns.); CJM 28 (Nichols); Lake 5005 (Chris Blount NO JB); RCAF NL 89594 (Hines); VJM VLP 59 (Persian Rug); Stomp Off 1093 (Abbi Hübner)
Afterthoughts Editor Forum for research issues and discographical matters.


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