Storyville No. 134


Jun 1988


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King Oliver; Ernie Anderson/Joe Glaser; Florence Mills biography; Rollini research; Christine Tyrell live.

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Lucky Millinder photo identification iss. 133; Taro-patch fiddle; Br 2625; VocE S 170; Eclipse 641; ActE 10501; Par E 4001; Ariel 4001; Oliver to Chicago 1918; Ellis Jackson; Louis Armstrong's 50 cylinders; Henri Woode, actual composer of Rosetta; Edith Wilson's date of birth (1896); 

King Oliver (the book)

Laurie Wright

Additional information.  

New Books

reviewed by Laurie Wright, Anton Crouch and Jeffrey Green

This is Jazz by Jack Litchfield.(LW); The Oxford Companion to Australian Jazz by Bruce Johnson (AC); Goin' To Kansas City by Nathan W. Pearson Jr.(LW); Alberta Hunter: A Celebration in Blues by Frank C. Taylor and Gerald Cook(JG); Eurodixie Discos by Gérard Bieldermann(LW).

Visiting Firemen 14: Joe Jordan 1915

Howard Rye

Pianist Jo Jordan's tour to Britain in 1915, and documentation.  

A Note on Notte

Jean-Christophe Averty

Results of research on the Paris-based band "Notte And His Creole Band". Photos.  

Willie The Lion Smith Discography

John Collison

Willie The Lion Smith discography 03.1936 to 09.1941.  

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).

Harrison Records


LP W: Leon René Orch., Williams' Purple Knights; Original St. Louis Crackerjacks; Boots And His Buddies.

Neovox Cassettes


Many artists. Standard reissues.

Record Reviews


Swag 848 (Dodds 28-29); RCA VPL1 669 (Vintage JB, Auckland); RCA NL 85903 (Hodges); BBC REB 647 (LP, CD) (Hot Town); RCA NL 90028 (2 LP, T. Dorsey 1939); Manusic MIC 103 (Orpheon Celesta); Savoy JAzz WL 71409 (2LP, Harry James); Stomp Off SOS 1144 (Wally Fawkes); Harl HQ 2029 (Norway); Kenneth KS 2061 (Cheatham, Henri Chaix + Swedish); Savoy WL 70549 (Vars. 7, Bailey, B. Carter, Danny Polo, C. Hawkins); Arcadia 2018D (2LP, Peck Kelley, Lynn Son Harrell); Dormouse DM 15 (Chris Ellis); Swag 852 (Cobb 26-29); WD 3QG (Barbara Jay, Roy Williams); RCA PL 86297 (2 LP, Blues & Rhythm Revue); Jazztrade JT 85.05 (Royal Tencopators; O. Brard, F); Meritt 27 (R. Allen 1965); Dormouse DM 5 (Humph Vol. 5) 


Discographical Forum

# 576 - 583


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