Storyville No. 159


Sep 1994


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Bozy White; Jimmie Noone listing; Rudolph Dunbar; IAJRC meeting London. 

The Jug Bands of Louisville 

Fred E. Cox, John Randolph, John Harris 

Chapter Three, part 2: Misc. bands.

Jimmie Noone (The Vocalion Recordings)

Harm Sagawe, Laurie Wright 

Discography and brief discussion of Noone's Vocalions.

New Books

Laurie Wright

Too Marvelous For Words - The Life and Genius of Art Tatum by JAmes Lester; Al Fairweather Discography compiled by Joh Latham & Gerard Bielderman; Waiting for Dizzy by Geene Lees; Parlophone Red Label Series E5000 to E6428 by Arthur Badrock; Loose Shoes (Ralph Sutton Story) by James D. Shacter.

The Story of Spiegle Willcox's Life In Music: Goldkette And All That Jazz

Spiegle Willcox and Hans Eekhoff

Talking with Spiegle Willcox about about his career and life (Photos).

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Discussion Forum

Letters:Harvey Davis (Stov. 115); Soundies; Blues; Longshoreman's Blues; Martin Block Jam Session date; Bob Lee  

The Storyville Periodic Hard-cover

Note from Laurie Write


Record Reviews


Swag CD 505 (Noone); Progressive PCD 7101 and 7102 (Keith Ingham - Harry Allen); Storyville STCD 6040 (Dr. jazz Series Sampler); IAJRC CD 1007 (Chicagoans: Dud Mecum, Orig. Wolverines, Ray Miller, Thelma Terry); Black & Blue BB 224.2 (Dumoustier Stompers); Magpie PY CD 21 (Boogie Woogie: Lewis, Ammons, 38-44); FROG DFG 2 (Owls Hoot: New Orleans Owls, NORK in NO, John Hyman); Storyville STCD 6041 (Condon, Dr. Jazz Vol. 1); Sckv SKCD2-2035 (H. Chaix); CC COCD 19 (Cl. Williams Vol. 1 27-28);   


Discographical Forum

12" to 10" transfers; Virginia Liston, Nobody Else Will Do, Lill Armstrong, Brinswick Test series, Boswell Sisters, NO Wildcats, Rex Stewart; Theod. Carpenter, Jazz Unlimited; Thomas Morris: The Mess.


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