Storyville No. 161


Dec 1994


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Jug Bands of Louisville (Booklet); George Snurpus; The Gramophone (new magazine); 

The Fabulous Five


Corrections and additions to the book "The Fabulous Five" (Discography) by Horst Lange.

Joe Glaser & Louis Armstrong - Part 2 The All- Stars

A memoir by Ernie Anderson

Reminiscences on Louis Armstrong and his manager Joe Glaser. (Photos).Some notes on the Town Hall concert 1947.

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Discussion Forum

Letters: Crazy Blues recording by Noble Sissle. Bobby Lee; Chapelle & Stinette; Martin Block Jam Session; Skeets Tolbert; Jug Bands of Louisville; Sylvester Weaver.  

The Jug Bands of Louisville

Fred E. Cox, John Randolph, John Harris 

Chapter 3 part 4: John Harris speaks on Kid Bands in Louisville.

New Books

Laurie Wright

Bassically Speaking (george Duvivier) by Edward Berger; Jazz The American Theme by James Lincoln Collier; new Orleans Style by Bill Russell; 

Record Reviews


Little Arthur LACD 03 (Ian Pierce - Tasmanian Jazz Composer); CC COCD 17 (Washb. Rhythm Kings Vol. 1); Sackville SKCD2-3057 (Jim Galloway); Sackv SKCD2-2036 (R. Sutton); Swag CD 504 (Crosby Bob Cats); Sackv SKCD2-2037 (Clayton, Webster, Chaix); Stomp Off CD 1061 (Barrelhouse JB ? Abt, G., Mack, L.); Gannet CJR 1001 (Chic. 1935, P. Mares, Ch. LaVere, Singleton, I. Robinson). 


Discographical Forum

Record Changer 1949, Ellington Medley Lots O' Fingers, Fast and Furious, Angelo Fernandez, Endurance Stomp, Three Scamps, Laura Smith, NORK in Argentina ?


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